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Artist of the week 15

Todd Arsenault

Another fine painter. I Like his works, though some aspects could be better. Nevertheless, striking and powerful shit!

Progression pictures on several works..

Due to the lack of time I haven’t been decumenting the progress as precise as before. But here are the latest thingies:

There may be some new works.

Artist of the week 14

William Powhida

Hilarious satire on cebrity status and artworld. Powhida has made imself as an “imaginary art star” with movie directed by Sophia Coppola and works composed of drawings of his moore or less celeb friends. The over-narcissist drawings are worth checkin out. Something I definitely wouln’t do, so I can just as well enjoy them.

More works at

The New York enemies list

Artist of the week 13

Gregory Green

Genetron Mp39

Now this is illusion of danger! Has made replicas of bombs that look like they could actually blow up in any minute. Also has made work called “10 000 doses” that nearly put him (and his gallerist) in jail: glass bottles with plaque describing the contents (lsd).

I like the idea how the “realism” is made from appearance, not from thruth.

10 000 doses

His superb works from 2000 titled “pirate communications” might be familiar from art magazines.


Artist of the week 12

Kim Dorland


Notable painter. Effortless but subtle. Light but heavy as hell.


Big Wheel

I usually don’t like this painting technique that has become too trendy and over-used among contemporary painters. Dorland utilizes the techinque via really heavy substance and demanding appareances. And with pure skill. Those rare artists I really admire.

Damn, she’s so fucking good.

Pictures from

Artist of the week 11

Eric Heist



Tight installation artist. Very nice “concept exhibitions”! A bit naive and Flash Artesque at times, but still loads brilliant shit about surveillance and everything.

Courtesy of Schroder Romero Gallery.


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